Wyvern Academy Trustees as of January 2018

Type Number of Trustees Name
Principal 1 Bruce Douglas
Staff 2 Richard Holt, 1 x vacancy
Parents 3 Suzie Parr, Joanne Gardner, 1 x vacancy
Community 6 Gemma Brayshaw, James Girdler, 4 x vacancy
Schools’ Cooperative Society 1 Paul Harding
Forum 1 1 x vacancy
Total 14



Wyvern Academy Committees as of Sept 2017
Committee Chair Vice Chair Other Members
Full Trustee Board Gemma Brayshaw Joanne Gardner Suzie Parr,
Richard Holt,
Bruce Douglas
Paul Harding James Girdler


Finance and Resources Joanne Gardner  Bruce Douglas Paul Harding
1 x vacancy
Teaching and Learning Gemma Brayshaw Richard Holt Suzie Parr
Bruce Douglas,
1 x vacancy
Health & Safety Richard Holt Paul Harding
Bruce Douglas, 1 x vacancy
Diversity & Equality Bruce Douglas Richard Holt
Suzie Parr
Gemma Brayshaw
When required:
Standing Gemma Brayshaw Joanne Gardner
Staff Discipliniary Gemma Brayshaw
Joanne Gardner
1 x vacancy
Appeals        (if needed) Suzie Parr
Paul Harding
All Trustees are welcome at all meetings Clerk:  Tina Whiteside
The Trustee Board also welcomes advice and contributions from
‘Advisors to the Trustee Board’ from different areas of the school. 


     Wyvern Academy Trustees Register of
Business and Pecuniary Interests 2017/18
Name Category Business Interests Financial
Bruce Douglas Principal Nil Nil
Richard Holt Staff Nil Nil
Joanne Gardner Parent Nil Nil
Suzanne Parr Parent Employs a member of Wyvern staff via direct payments
as and when required,
for a pupil at Wyvern
James Girdler Community Director of Artis Consultance Ltd Nil
Gemma Brayshaw Community Chair of ‘Friends’ Nil
Paul Harding Co-operative Site Manager employed by WVS Nil




Trustee Meeting Dates 2017/18. 

All meetings are held at 10.00am at Wyvern Academy (unless indicated otherwise)

                        COMMITTEE                   MEETING DATE


D&E Wednesday 13th September 2017
Trustee AGM Wednesday 27th September 2017
H&S Monday 9th October 2017 (moved)
Academy AGM Re-scheduled to June 2018


T&L Wednesday 1st November 2017
F&R/FTB Single Agenda;Bishop Fleming Wednesday 15th November 2017
F&R Wednesday 29th November 2017
FTB Wednesday  6th December 2017


D&E Wednesday 10th January 2018
H&S Wednesday 24th January 2018


T&L Wednesday 21st February 2018
F&R Wednesday 7th March 2018
FTB Wednesday 21st March 2018


D&E Wednesday 18th April 2018
H&S Wednesday 2nd May 2018
F&R Wednesday 16th May 2018


T&L Wednesday 6th June 2018
F&R/FTB Single Agenda; Budget Wednesday 20th June 2018
FTB and Academy AGM Wednesday 27th June 2018 @9.00am to 12.30pm
Trustee Review and Planning Day Wednesday 11th July 2018 @9.00am to 2.30pm

Terms of Reference:

Full Trustee Board; Teaching and Learning; Diversity and Equality; Appeals; Staff Disciplinary; Standing; Health and Safety

Chair of Trustees:

Mrs G. Brayshaw.

Wyvern Academy, Wey Valley Campus, Dorchester Road, Weymouth, DT3 5AL

01305 817917


Copies of Trustee minutes are held in the Clerk to the Trustees Office and are

available on request to Mrs T.Whiteside, Clerk to the Trustees.

Paper copies of the Trustee information above are available on request.