Our last Ofsted inspection took place in July 2015. The school was judged to be Good in all aspects. The full report is attached but the summary reads as follows:

  • The pupils at the school are well prepared for the next stage of their education, training or employment by the time they leave.
  • All groups of pupils throughout the school make good progress in all areas of learning, particularly communication, physical development and in managing their behaviour.
  • All aspects of work in the sixth form prepare students well to relate to others, participate in the local community and gain workplace skills.
  • Children in the early years provision make a good start to their education. Their skills are checked carefully and they make good progress in all areas of learning and development. This is because there are high expectations of what they can achieve.
  • Pupils’ behaviour is good. They are polite, motivated to learn in lessons and conduct themselves well around the school. Pupils know that they are safe at school and that adults will look after them.
  • Governors have made sure that the strategic direction of the school continues through the appointment of a new headteacher.
  • Teaching is good. Activities are adapted well to individual pupils’ needs, continually ensuring that pupils make good progress in acquiring skills. The class teaching teams know each individual exceptionally well so that all their educational, communication and medical needs are met.
  • Leaders and managers, supported by governors, make sure that the school continues to improve by training staff in teaching techniques that improve pupils’ progress. These well-planned actions have made sure that disadvantaged pupils achieve as well as their peers at this school.
  • There is a high standard of care for all pupils at the school. This is appreciated by parents and communicated daily through the home-school books so that parents know exactly what has happened at school.
  • Parents are very supportive of the work of the school. They have good opportunities to learn about new developments in teaching at the school.

Ofsted Report 2015