We have had a busy half term so far.  We are learning about woodlands, forests and rainforests in our topic and science work, plus we have celebrated Chinese New Year and will be learning about St Valentines day.

Green class have been celebrating Chinese New Year. The children tried prawn crackers, made a card and they created a pig. They have also been exploring the large apparatus in PE and completing lots of lovely craft    activities relating to the rainforest.

Orange class have been looking at UK woodland animals and where they live,    making animal shaped biscuits having lots of sensory play fun.  We also had a great time celebrating Chinese New Year and got very brave with chop sticks and tasting noodles, rice and fortune cookies.  Everyone in Orange class was very excited by the ‘Magic Carpet’ bought for the school by the ‘Friends’ and we had great fun exploring it.

Blue Class have been busy naming plant parts and setting up plant experiments and doing tree and leaf art.  We have been out spotting trees and enjoyed our visit to Thorncombe woods as part of the topic.

This half term in Purple class we have been using a range of different mediums to enjoy our learning. In  science we have been using our senses to explore our animal focus by dissecting, cooking and tasting fish. In maths and literacy we are excited to use the new laptop trolley and we love playing the instruments in music.

Yellow Class have been on some woodland walks and used public transport to go shopping. For cooking we have been exploring and tasting different cereals and toast toppings and we have been exploring woodland animals that live in burrows for science and art.